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Born in the West Midlands, engineering is in our blood. Olympus Global was founded over 45 years ago as a distributor of standard fasteners to local industries. As the years have passed, Olympus has become a full-service provider of engineered components to the automotive and industrial sectors, working with an extensive range of products to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements. As a full-service provider to our customers, we use our expertise to manage their supply chain risks, easing the pressures on their procurement teams. As global dynamics have become increasingly more complex and volatile, we continue to increase our warehousing space, to enable us to support the growth of our customers. This gives us and our customers, reduced risk against global issues, and ensures that our customers can rely on us. Our range of components includes engineering fasteners, precision turned and machined components, castings, aluminium extrusions and forgings, pressings and fabrications, as well as plastic and rubber parts. Whatever you need, we can provide.

Moving Forwards

We continue to expand our business to ensure we can meet the growth of our customers globally. As European and international logistics became more complicated after Brexit, and with geopolitical tensions across the globe, having European distribution centres became an increasingly sensible move to further support our customers. With distribution centres in Hungary and Spain, we can provide efficient logistics to our customer’s manufacturing plants across Europe and beyond. Having these multiple distribution points across the UK and Europe enables us to offer our clients the same impeccable service, with increased efficiency, no matter where they are located.
Sustainability is at the heart of our continuous improvement and growth. Whilst we expand to support our customer base, we will continue to ensure that we are investing in environmentally friendly practices, to create a greener supply chain for all.

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