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Global Solutions

At Olympus Global we provide key distribution services to support businesses, helping them to stabilise their supply chains. With our expertise in global distribution, from direct line feed and Kan-Ban systems to procurement and technical services, we can provide the best service to fit your business needs. All businesses are different, though often the problems that they face have a commonality. Our bespoke distribution services are designed to help solve these problems and help your business run more effectively.

Quality Service

Our customers expect high-quality components when they work with the team at Olympus Global, and we don’t disappoint. We understand the importance of quality and have invested heavily in our quality capability to enable us to carry out extensive and continuous testing. Customers, both existing and potential, are always welcome to visit our distribution centres so that they see first-hand the extent of our quality testing and the scale of our operation.

Renowned Excellence

Customer service is integral to all that we do. Whether you work with us simply to procure one vital bolt for your supply chain, or work with us to overhaul your entire supply chain process, we provide the same high quality of customer service for which we are renowned. Our dedication to ensuring the quality of our components is reflected across all of our departments. We believe that quality should be present always, from a telephone call to a contract, we provide exemplary customer service at all times.

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