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Our customers expect high-quality components when they work with the team at Olympus Global, and we don’t disappoint. We understand the importance of quality and have invested heavily in our quality capability to enable us to carry out extensive and continuous testing. Customers, both existing and potential, are always welcome to visit our distribution centres so that they see first-hand the extent of our quality testing and the scale of our operation.

Maintaining Standards

Ongoing and continuous batch testing is crucial to ensure that high-quality standards are maintained. Whether we are beginning work with a new approved manufacturing partner, as part of our global network, or introducing a new product to a customer, we always thoroughly test products in accordance with PPAP Level 3 or sample requirements. However, we also carry out continuous testing, so that we know that our global partners are maintaining the high quality standard that we expect. We have invested in the latest technology and equipment such as Keyence (IM6120 Image Dimension Measurement System), Mectron (Q5000 qualifier laser sorting machines), LK – G90C (CNC Control coordinate measuring machine(CMM)), Tesa (3D Manual coordinate measuring machine(CMM)), Taylor Hobson (Surtronic surface roughness tester), and Wilson-Tukon Vickers (Macro/micro hardness testing machines with on-site specimen preparation facility).

Second to None

We don’t just test the products, but we test our own systems and processes, to ensure that our quality and environmental policies are second to none. That’s why we have pursued and achieved various quality certifications that are recognised globally. We are proud to be certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which are recognised worldwide as the leading international standards for quality management and environmental management. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality and environmental responsibility. ISO 9001 certification ensures that our quality management system is designed to meet the needs of our customers and that we have the necessary processes in place to ensure that all components we supply meet the required specifications. ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Commitment & Dedication

At Olympus Global, we are proud to have achieved these certifications. These demonstrate to our partners and customers the level of commitment and dedication that we show to providing the highest quality standards right across our business. We carry our ethos of quality and professionalism right across our business. Whether you are utilising our European distribution centres, or are based in the UK, you will enjoy the same high level of customer quality for which we are renowned. Whether you need engineering fasteners, precision turned and machined components, casting, extrusions and forgings, pressing and fabrications, or plastic and rubber parts, we can provide you with high-quality components.

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