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A Smooth & Swift Supply Chain

At Olympus Global, we have dedicated stock holding for commonly used engineered components. Certain key parts are used in many different types of manufacturing, we stock hold depending on your requirements. With our recent investment in expanding our distribution centres, and expanding our available space, we have been able to increase the volume of dedicated stock holding for our customers’ critical components. These dedicated stock holdings ensure that delivery is swift, as well as maintaining a high quality for crucial parts.

We work with manufacturers across the industrial and automotive sectors. Although every business that we work with is different, there are elements of commonality across each one. Our inventory tracking systems enable us to secure dedicated stock holdings for your needs.


Stock holding for manufacturers can be costly and time consuming.

By working with experienced distribution professionals such as ourselves, you can reduce your operational costs, and supply chain instability.

Building a secure supply chain also gives you the stability to manage your production, and fulfil orders.


When you work with the team at Olympus Global you will be able to rely on our dedicated stock holding and focus on fulfilling your orders.

Dedicated stock holding combined with our supply chain management gives you a smooth and swift supply chain.

Dedicated stock holding reduces the risk to your supply chain, protecting you from the effects of global events, which can impact supply chains.

Leading Distributor

Olympus Global are a leading distributor of engineered components. We work closely with our network of global supply partners to ensure high quality, as well as high ethical standards and traceability of raw materials. Our dedicated stock holdings are all subjected to our rigorous testing standards, and we ensure consistent quality across all our engineered components with our in-house testing and quality assurance department. With distribution centres in the UK and Europe, we can provide a fast and efficient service to our customers. Using our supply chain management expertise, we can create bespoke solutions for your supply chain needs. Whether you need parts that are held within our dedicated stock holding, or a new product sourced, we can work with you. From engineering fasteners, precision turned and machined components, casting, extrusions and forgings, pressing and fabrications, to plastic and rubber parts, we can provide the components that you need. Build stable supply chains with dedicated stock holding from the team at Olympus Global.

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