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Working Together

The industrial sector covers a vast range of products, which can require different and specific components. Selling to a diverse customer base from fasteners to the rail and agricultural industry, to large castings supplied to heavy goods vehicles, we work with all manner of manufacturers to support them in their manufacturing process. Whether you need a certain component for a new product line or want to discuss changing to a direct line feed system, to release cash for investment purposes, the team at Olympus Global can work with you.

We can supply engineering standard and non standard fasteners, precision turned and machined components, casting, extrusions and forgings, pressing and fabrications, and plastic and rubber parts to customers across the world, from our distribution centres in the UK and Europe.


Olympus Global headquarters are in the heart of the West Midlands, a region that is still renowned for its engineering excellence. With the growing demand for companies to improve their carbon footprint, more manufacturers are looking at reverse engineering to reduce the environmental impact of their processes.

The investment in value analysis and value engineering can be priceless in the benefits it brings. Working with the team at Olympus Global gives you access to experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand your business hurdles, and will pro-actively seek practical and economical solutions. The demand for change is growing, and it is increasingly necessary to ensure that your processes are adaptable, flexible and responsive. Direct line feed or Kanban systems, such as we offer for our customers, can help keep your supply chain flexible.

Direct Line Feed

By utilising our direct line feed services, you can reduce many of the issues that can occur. Without the need to stock hold, you no longer have to attempt to predict future demand, tie up vital cash that could be better invested elsewhere, or use key personnel in stock management. Direct line feed will give you the flexibility that you need to be able to react quickly and effectively to an increasingly changeable world. Working with outsourced partners can help to reduce the resistance to change within an organisation. Change is necessary, but can be difficult to implement from internal teams, using an external team, increases impartiality and removes the emotion that change can generate.

Customer Service

Customer service is integral to all that we do. Whether you work with us simply to procure one vital bolt for your supply chain, or work with us to overhaul your entire supply chain process, we provide the same high quality of customer service for which we are renowned. Our dedication to ensuring the quality of our components is reflected across all of our departments. We believe that quality should be present always, from a telephone call to a contract, we provide exemplary customer service at all times. We understand that running a business can be complex and daunting. Much of your time is spent dealing with finding solutions for problems that arise. We support all of our customers with their business problems, working with them to proactively find and implement solutions. We have invested heavily in our distribution centres so that we can grow with our customers, and continue to provide the same level of support for their businesses as they expand. Our support is scaled to our customers’ needs, from complete bespoke services to occasional procurement, we are always present to work with our customers to provide the level of support and solutions that they require.

Sustainable Growth

When you work with a company, you need to be able to rely on them. Having to chase suppliers is one of the main reasons why businesses come to us in the first place. A secure supply chain that you can rely on is essential to build stability in your business. Only from a stable supply chain can you create long-term sustainable growth. Being able to trust your supply chain, and hence the company managing this supply chain is vital. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service that we bring to all of our customers. We understand the importance of communication and collaboration in all aspects of our work. We will always work with you as your trusted partners, providing you with solutions, not problems.

Secure & Flexible

Here at Olympus Global, we work with companies throughout the industrial sector. Whatever your requirements, we can provide high-quality and reliable distribution services to support your business. We have invested heavily in our resources and our provision so that we can stock hold increasingly large volumes of key components, mitigating supply chain fluctuations, as well as constantly monitoring the quality of all our parts. Our carefully chosen network of global suppliers are assessed and audited to ensure that they are ethical, traceable and environmentally friendly. Work with the team at Olympus Global and build a secure and flexible supply chain for your industrial needs.

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