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Setting The Standard For Procurement Services

Our procurement, technical and quality teams visit our manufacturers across the globe so that we can view first-hand where our components are sourced from.

We only work with manufacturers where they can prove traceability and ethical practices. With our extensive distribution centres, we stock the optimum level of components, which helps to reduce supply chain risk.

By holding the optimum stock, we can combat fluctuating output that can be affected by global events, and create stability for our clients. Using our global network effectively prevents reliance on key manufacturers or countries, which helps to protect our supply chain, and your procurement from global events that can be disruptive.

We work with each business to create a bespoke procurement process that meets the needs of your business.

Team of Inventory
Management Experts

Procurement can provide challenges in many manufacturing businesses. Being heavily reliant on one supplier brings business risk, and disruptions to your supply chain can cause repercussions.

Procurement takes time and expertise, and you may need to tie up key personnel to solve procurement issues. Working with the procurement team at Olympus Global will free up your team to concentrate on production. Global events have led to disruption in the supply chain, and many businesses find that long-established relationships with their suppliers have been abruptly altered.

Working with a distribution company such as Olympus Global negates this risk, and gives you a stable and safe supply chain. With rising costs and falling profits, cash flow becomes more relevant.

Supplier Quality

Here at Olympus Global, we hold our suppliers to a very high standard. With our reputation for high quality, we ensure that our global supply network always provides us with premium-quality components. Premium engineering relies on good-quality components that have been manufactured from high-grade raw materials. With our commitment to only building relationships with professional and ethical manufacturers, we can assure our customers of the quality of their supply chain.

When we look to work with new global manufacturers, we subject them to a high level of scrutiny. This extends beyond quality testing their components, though we do this extremely thoroughly, to auditing their manufacturing operation, so that we have an in-depth insight into their manufacturing practices and capabilities. Only manufacturers who meet our exacting standards are invited to join our global network. We continue this level of awareness with ongoing testing, and communication. With continuous batch testing in our state-of-the-art quality department and constant communication across our global network, we maintain our high standards. We know that our customers rely on us, and we respect this level of trust, and always ensure that the quality of products and service that we offer is second to none.

As an engineering firm, you may have found yourself heavily reliant on a key supplier. They may have implemented multiple price rises, and their lead times may be getting slower, but you need to continue to work with them, which can put you in a poor negotiating position. Having access to a global network gives you far better buying power, than being reliant on a sole supplier, so working with us can help to improve the operational cost and reliability of your manufacturing. As you know we heavily scrutinise our global network partners, you can be confident in the quality of the components that we provide. Forging your own overseas relationship is possible, but it can be time-consuming and costly, and you will need to constantly quality test to ensure that the standards are being upheld. Outsourcing this can be operationally economical, as building trustworthy supplier relationships can be difficult. When you work with the team at Olympus Global, we have a strong and trustworthy global network, that you can reap the benefits of.
The team at Olympus Global are extremely proud of their reputation for exceptional quality, and impeccable customer service. We understand engineering, and we know that every part needs to work together to create a fully functional product. The components that we source for your business may be small, but they are crucial. With our investment in quality testing, and achieving industry-relevant accreditations in quality and health and safety, we show our commitment and dedication to the service that we provide to all of our customers. Whether you require quality engineering fasteners, precision turned and machined components, casting, extrusions and forgings, pressing and fabrications, or plastic and rubber parts, we can help. To ensure quality right along your supply chain, work with the team at Olympus Global.

Leading Distributor

Overstocking can affect your cash flow, and prevent investment in your business. Understocking can be equally risky, with the inherent risks of an unstable supply chain. Working with Olympus Global for your procurement gives you a solution that is efficient, and secure and can reduce your operational costs.

With our distribution centres across the UK and Europe, we are ideally placed to work with you. We understand engineering and we understand supply chain management and bring these two strengths together to provide you with a complete bespoke procurement solution. We pride ourselves on our quality and our efficiency, bringing premium engineered components to businesses across the globe. Whether you want engineering fasteners, precision-turned and machined components, casting, extrusions and forgings, pressing and fabrications, or plastic and rubber parts, we can procure them for you. Work with Olympus Global for your secure future.

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