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A Wide Range of Expertise

At Olympus Global we provide key distribution services to support businesses, helping them to stabilise their supply chains. With our expertise in global distribution, from direct line feed and Kanban systems to procurement and technical services, we can provide the best service to fit your business needs. All businesses are different, though often the problems that they face have a commonality. Our bespoke distribution services are designed to help solve these problems and help your business run more effectively.


As a full service provider (FSP), Olympus Global offer the following services to our valued customers allowing them to focus on their own manufacturing whilst reducing their supply chain, minimize stock holding, improving cash flow and freeing up time and resource.

Whatever You Need

Our distribution supply chains cover a vast range of component parts, so whatever you need for your manufacturing we can source it. Our range of components includes engineering fasteners, precision turned and machined components, castings, aluminium extrusions and forgings, pressings and fabrications, as well as plastic and rubber parts. All the components that we source are quality tested in our dedicated state-of-the-art technical department, and we work with our global supply network to ensure that the products that we source are to the very highest quality standard. With our close relationships with our global supply network, we ensure the quality and origin of the products. With our global network, we are not reliant upon one supplier, which gives you a far more reliable supply chain and provides a buffer against global uncertainties. Improving your supply chain management will help you to grow your business. A secure supply chain will give you confidence in your ability to fulfil orders to a high standard, which will enable you to take on new and larger contracts.

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