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Technical Services

Empowering Your Business with Technical Excellence


Here at Olympus Global, we work with our customers to provide a complete supply chain management service. Whilst this will sometimes only consist of sourcing and distributing engineered fasteners, many businesses find that they require the input of our technical services team. Our experienced technical team is on hand to help solve your issues, from the design of a new part through to line walks and value analysis, our team are here to support you in as much depth as you require.

With our engineering background, we don’t just understand the logistics of your supply chain, but also the design and engineering of your parts. Being able to work with us to design and source the best solution for your project, makes us the ideal partner for your business.


Whether you are manufacturing a new part, and need a key component sourced, or are looking at reverse engineering to find a better design solution for an existing production, we have the technical expertise to help. Our technical department understands the complexities and challenges that you face, and they will work with you to solve them. We are solution-focused and will work to ensure that we meet your challenges and provide a resolution. We have invested in our technical services department, and have the technology and the resources to work with you towards a swift conclusion to your problem.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Industry demands a structured framework approach to product planning, design and development. Utilising our extensive Automotive Industry experience, we employ the APQP process approach to all opportunities. Process Flow, FMEA and Control Plan formulation in conjunction with our world class manufacturing partners, together with capacity planning and customer specific approval processes ensure optimum ‘right first time’ levels are achieved.

Quality Components

With our flexibility, we understand the pressure of time and can work with you on an urgent basis to solve your immediate issue. Where you are looking for longer-term development to source alternate parts or solutions to your manufacturing, we can work as part of your team, using value analysis and value engineering to bring practical and achievable solutions. Our technical team are grounded in good engineering knowledge, combined with our supply chain management expertise.

You need a partner to work with to ensure a high-quality, responsive and solution-focused supply chain. Here at Olympus Global, we have invested heavily in our distribution centres to allow us to grow with our customers. We have distribution centres in the UK and Europe, to enable us to provide fast and efficient supply chain management to our customers, no matter where you are located.

With our network of global partners, you can be assured that the quality of your parts will be second to none. Our global supply network has been carefully chosen for its quality, its ethical position, and the traceability of its raw materials. Whether you need engineering fasteners, precision turned and machined components, casting, extrusions and forgings, pressing and fabrications, or plastic and rubber parts, we can provide you with high-quality components. For technical services that you can trust, come to the team at Olympus Global.

Project Management & NPI

Olympus Global are a leading distributor of engineered fasteners, and we work with clients and suppliers across the world, utilising our global supply network to procure high-quality components for our customers. We combine our expertise in supply chain management and procurement, to allow for us to fully manage new product introductions to our customer base. Project management is essential to implement change within an organisation. Whether it is moving from a local supplier to a global supply chain, or using value engineering to improve your costings and environmental position, your project will need to be managed, not simply left to chance.

Dedicated project management and NPI support form a key role within the Olympus Global service offering. Understanding customer requirements, achieving key project milestones and ensuring our supply chain is fully committed to meeting such demands are routine activities managed by our technical team in conjunction with our commercial team.


We have an experienced project management team, who have many years of experience in managing projects for our customers. We appreciate that change in any organisation can be hard to implement, and while many people start off with good intentions, projects are renowned for running over time and over budget. An Olympus Global project team will work with your team with clarity in their objectives, an in-depth understanding of the pressures of the supply chain and knowledge of the importance of a smooth transition. Their expertise will help your project from quotation through to bulk production.


Here at Olympus Global, we work with our clients to support their businesses. With our range of available services, we can provide inclusive all-around support for your business needs. Whether you simply want to use us for your procurement to take advantage of our stable global supply chain network, or want us to project manage a complete overhaul of your processes and productions, we can work with you. Our services are always bespoke to your business and are designed to provide proactive solutions to your business problems.

Our highly experienced team work directly with customers at the design stage to understand application technical requirements and ensure that proposed component solutions meet them. Whether utilising an existing part or developing a new concept, we offer a full-service package including comprehensive product testing and validation.

Value analysis, including part by part studies on customer bills of material allows Olympus Global to offer potential cost saving opportunities through implementation of existing series production parts. Our Automotive Tier 1, Tier 2 and Industrial sector partnerships have allowed the Olympus Global technical team to gain extensive knowledge of individual OEM requirements, therefore introducing scope for component rationalisation, enabling customers to take commercial advantages of higher volume production parts.
In conjunction with our world class manufacturing partners, our technical team can offer support during the design stage to ensure material selection and component geometry are optimised to suit efficient and cost beneficial manufacturing processes. Technological advancements in manufacturing processes such as hot and cold forging allow for complex geometry components to be produced off tool with little or no secondary operation required.

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